Top Accessories for Your Ford To Make Your Summer Adventures a Breeze

April 30th, 2022 by

May Long in Saskatchewan is the signal that summer is just around the corner. The temperature is getting warmer, we are (hopefully) in the clear for snowfall, and the smell of barbecue is tempting us from every backyard. When you’re ready to take off for your summer adventures, there are a bunch of amazing accessories that are built specifically for your Ford that will make summer vibes easy and breezy.

Roadside Assistance Packs for Your Ford

No road trip should start without some safety essentials. Ford’s Roadside Assistance and First Aid Kits are perfect for minor issues (is it even a road trip without a few speed bumps?) Small and easy to store, these kits are perfect for any road trip.

Stored in a convenient fire-retardant soft case, this kit includes essentials for almost any emergency situation; 3 DOT-compliant warning triangles, a fire extinguisher, vinyl traffic flags, reflective safety vest, rain poncho, survival blanket, various tools, lights, tapes, towels, first aid bandages, and more. Seriously, keep one of these in your vehicle all the time (not just for road trips!)

Adventure in Tow with Trailer Hitch & Tow Hooks

Adventure is just beyond the horizon. If you’re going the distance with a camper, trailer, or boat, make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Ford SUVs and trucks are capable of towing what you need, but it’s critical that you know what your vehicle can handle. Adding a tow package or upgrading your current hitch depends on your vehicle, so be sure to ask one of our friendly experts.

Carry On With The Right Carrier
No matter what you’re taking with you, there’s a carrier for that. Drive confidently with your mountain bike, kayak, canoe, or just extra camping gear on the roof with the right roof rack. Ford has a variety of roof racks and carriers from brand names you know and love (like THULE) and we can make sure it’s the right one for your Ford.

Camping Made Easy

The Sportz SUV Tent from Napier is easily the coolest addition to the Ford Accessories lineup. Find a spot to camp, attach to your vehicle for extra sleeping space or to the ground as a traditional tent, and voila! Accommodations for the night! Available for a variety of SUVs in our lineup, you’ll be able to attach it to your current vehicle with ease.

Make It Snazzy

Finally, the next few items on our list just make everything a little easier.

Rear Entertainment System: This one can get pricey but it’s a lifesaver for kids. Play separate shows or music to keep the adults driving in peace.

Seat Protectors & Floor Mats: What’s better than easy cleanup after a long road trip? Seat protectors keep crumbs, rubbish, and even muddy dog tracks off your seats so you can quickly get back to a clean vehicle. Floor mats keep mud and spills to a minimum and keep your floors pristine. The best part is that these are great all year round to protect your vehicle and keep it looking brand new!

Wheels & Tires: Our last accessory on the list is for show and for safety. Having quality tires on your vehicle is essential for daily driving but when you’re taking a trip away from the convenience of your home and Ford dealership you trust, it’s good to make sure your tires are good to go. And if you want to look like a million bucks, get new wheels to go with them to match your personality. You’ll love the drive when you know you look good.

If you want advice or need help finding any of these accessories for your Ford, contact our Parts Department! We’ve got the expertise and the resources to find exactly what you need.

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