Tire Storage

Stop Using Your Tires as a Nightstand
Save the hassle of loading your vehicle with next season's tires and free up that space in your garage or home by using our convenient tire storage solution at Capital Auto Mall!
Capital Ford Lincoln will keep your off-season tires in our temperature controlled storage environment to help protect them from the elements. When you're ready to swap your tires, we'll have them ready for you.
Enjoy the convenience and security of our tire storage solution for the great price of just $89.95 per season.
For more information, just ask your service advisor or give us a call:


Do Winter Tires Make a Difference?

Short answer: YES. 

Long answer: 
Even if you're driving slowly and carefully, winter roads can be slippery. Reduce your risk on the road by purchasing winter tires. Like a good pair of winter boots, a good set of winter tires means you can drive safely on icy roads throughout the harsh winter months. Capital Ford can help you find, replace, or install the right set of winter tires for your vehicle.

Know when to change your tires:
Winter tires are built for more than wet, snowy conditions. They simply perform better in the cold. Capital Ford in Regina suggests switching to winter tires when the temperature dips below 7 degrees Celsius.

Can I just get all-season tires?
All-season tires are not "all-season" in our lovely province. We're blessed to experience four seasons, which means our winter is a lot harsher than the "winter" season where all-season tires were tested. So in reality, "all-season" really means "three-season" in Saskatchewan.

The better bet is a set of all-weather tires; they feature a tread pattern that combines winter and all-season tires as well as a softer rubber that perform better on snow than all-seasons. However, all-weathers will not last as long as all-seasons because they become more pliable during warmer weather. Living in Saskatchewan, we highly recommend a set of winter tires for the inevitable cold and blizzardy season.