The ‘90s Are Making A Splash With The Ford Ranger

July 29th, 2022 by

The ‘90s favourite – The Splash Package – is back for the 2022 Ford Ranger to give drivers more personality in their truck.

An Ode To The ‘90s

Remember the ‘90s and ‘00s? When car lovers everywhere would deck out their ride in the most ridiculous way? Sometimes, the rides were a little… over the top. But other times, it was amazing and interesting and you could see the passion radiate from the driver when they showed you every inch of the car or when they caught someone staring from across the street.

Ah, yes. The good ol’ days. Well, Ford is bringing back some nostalgia in the 2022 Ford Ranger with its addition of the Splash Package.


The original Ford Ranger Splash was a sporty trim level offered from 1993 to 1997 with a slight suspension drop and rad decals with bright exterior colours. We love the idea and the opportunity to get some more personality sprinkled into the monotone exterior paint preference of the auto industry (nothing wrong with a black or white vehicle – just saying!)

The new Splash package is available on XLT and Lariat models offering an exciting and distinct orange exterior paint with black body-side graphic decals and unique 18-inch matte black wheels, orange and black trim inside and out, plus specially designed seats to complete the look.

Looking for more? I thought you might. It’s rumoured that Ford will unveil multiple limited versions of the Splash Package every few months in a unique colour and only a handful will be available. More personality and unique body colours? We are here for it.

More Accessories?

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