Testing Real Winter Conditions in the F-150 Lightning

September 6th, 2022 by

One of the top things people ask about when confronted with the potential of an electric vehicle is, “Can it handle a Saskatchewan winter?”

Fair question. Winters around here are… rough. Long bursts of frigid temperatures, and tons and tons of snow; we need vehicles that can handle the worst weather Mother Nature has to offer. Luckily, Ford gets it.

Tested In Alaska

Ford knows what’s up. Instead of testing the F-150 Lightning in the easy breezy “winters” of sunny California, they took the new EV to the depths of Alaska to test out the climate that we would likely have to deal with. Ford completed two weeks of testing in -34°C for performance on snow and ice, and in extreme temperatures to build confidence in the truck’s capability.

The Results

During the rigorous testing period, engineers put the F-150 Lightning to the test and can maximize efficiency with real-time calibrations to ensure the truck is delivering the best data and configurations to meet the needs of the climate.

“F-150 Lightning in the snow is a very different ballgame compared to gas vehicles,” said Nick Harris, F-150 Lightning powertrain engineer. “The responses are extremely quick and the dual motors make it as if you have two engines pumping out power in one vehicle. A lot of our work is to coordinate the two motors to work together to best deliver torque to the ground, so that customers who drive in the snow and ice ultimately feel very confident.”

Ultimately, the all-electric powertrain offers stability and confidence in slippery conditions. Combined with these features, we can be sure it can stand up to a Saskatchewan winter:

  • Standard dual motors front and rear
  • Standard always-on 4×4
  • Quick torque delivery
  • Standard electronic-locking rear differential
  • Selectable drive modes
  • Low centre of gravity for even more confident handling

Let Us Know What You Think

In addition to Alaska, the F-150 Lightning powertrain team has conducted testing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Borrego Springs, Johnson Valley, and at Ford’s Michigan Proving Grounds near Milford – this truck is truly being put to the test to ensure functionality and performance in any climate.

On top of the functionality in the blistering cold, the Ford F-150 has a ton of other benefits. So, are you ready for the F-150 Lightning? We are. The prospect of strength and capability from the Ford F-150 without the use of fuel and outpour of exhaust is exciting! Do you think the Lightning was tested enough to meet the needs of the Saskatchewan climate?

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