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Capital Ford Lincoln

“Hey, guys. Welcome to Capital Ford Lincoln.”

The warm smile and firm handshake that accompanied those words were given by a young man named Payton Rempel. He seemed very nice, and that was part of what made up their mind to stay and find a vehicle here. He sounded sincere. Following Payton to his office, they sat down and had a chat, the three of them joking and laughing about as they discussed what kind of vehicle they were after. They knew what they were looking for already – a Ford Edge.

It was a pleasant and relaxed visit, and as Payton showed them a few different models of the Edge, their pleasant chatter continued as before. It almost felt as though they were friends, catching up after a long period apart. When they decided on the model they wanted, they had one request; that a command start be put in their vehicle. Payton told them that this wouldn’t be a problem. He would set it up with the service department for them.

Capital Ford LincolnWith the paperwork all finished, they talked amongst themselves for a moment and decided to ask Payton if it would be all right that they pick up the vehicle in the morning. He assured them that, although it was his day off, he would arrange for another one of his colleagues – who would be here for work that morning – to help them out.

As they were leaving, Payton assured them that he would check the command start to ensure that it was working properly. The couple felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from their shoulders. They had expected the purchase of their vehicle to be a much less easy experience, but Payton had done an excellent job of easing them through the whole process step-by-step. It was a relief, and they went home feeling great about the whole experience.

When they arrived at the dealership, the next morning, they exchanged greetings with the receptionist and asked to see the gentleman with whom Payton had set up their pick-up appointment. He seemed like a nice man when he came to greet them. They went to his office and talked about the vehicle that they had purchased, and then the three of them went to see their new vehicle, only to find that something wasn’t as it should have been. The command start that had been installed wasn’t working.

While he assured that this could be fixed, the couple filled out a Customer Experience survey. They were feeling much less enthusiastic about the pick-up as they had been the day before, when they left for home with the promise that their problem would be fixed.

The next day, they received a phone call from Payton. He apologized profusely for what had happened, explaining that the command start had worked the night before they’d come in, and he wasn’t sure what was wrong with it. He asked them to come back in, to which they agreed, and shortly, they were back at the dealership. Despite knowing that they were a bit frustrated, Payton did his best to smooth things over with them. He went over the proper procedures with them, and took the vehicle back to service to have the command start fixed, and by the end of it, the three of them were yet again laughing and joking about. Just like they had been before.

They went away happy and satisfied that Payton had done everything he could to rectify the situation for them. Although there had been some issues, Payton had made it right.

At Capital Ford Lincoln, that’s the culture. “Do right by the customer, and make it easy”. Buying a vehicle is a big decision, and it’s an emotional one. That’s why Capital is so proud to have a strong set of core values to help guide any sales or service process.

In the end, Payton remembered what’s most important to us here at Capital Ford Lincoln. “Always respect the customer’s time, and investment”. That simple step will always make the customer’s journey an enjoyable one.

Go Payton.

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