Opening the Ford Heritage Vault

June 28th, 2022 by

Automobiles have come a long way in their relatively short history. We’ve gone from rudimentary engines to state-of-the-art electrical-powered machines and incredible standards for safety. Ford’s influence on the automotive industry dates back to the beginning. Let’s take a stroll, shall we?

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

Chances are you have parents or grandparents who loved their Ford. Maybe a Ford was their first car or they have memories of growing up and driving around in their parents’ or their own Ford. The Ford Motor Company has been around for almost 120 years so it’s possible they have a place in their heart for a vintage car that’s just not available anymore. Enter, the Ford Heritage Vault. It’s never been easier for car enthusiasts like you and me to find vintage photos and product brochures from Ford’s history.

The Ford Heritage Vault

The American auto industry’s most comprehensive online database is now live, containing over 5,000 photographs and product brochures from Ford and Lincoln vehicles from the beginning of the company (1903) to the centennial (2003). More content will be added over time.

The documentation available in this Vault is a step towards transparency and understanding the history of the brand, as well as allowing consumers to reminisce, learn, and discover Ford products and heritage. In the pilot, the Ford Bronco and Ford F-Series were common searches among testers. The Heritage Vault is in the first stage of digitization and will now work towards accessibility for everyone to enjoy them.

Do a quick search for any model or do an advanced search to include specific colours and limit assets to images or brochures. It’s a really helpful tool when you’re looking for legitimate photos of historical models.

It’s not just current Fords and Lincolns either. You can also look up any make from the history of Ford like Edsel, Frontenac, Mercury, Merkur, Meteor, and Monarch to really dig into those archives and find the Falcon, Comet, Thunderbird, Galaxie, and more.

History in Your Hands

We’re car enthusiasts here at Capital. We love the history, the vehicles, and we love talking about them. This Heritage Vault allows you, as a consumer, to be fully enthralled in the history of Ford, Lincoln, and all its brands. Find your favourite vehicle, your dad’s old car from the 70s, or that car that great grandma traded in her horse and buggy for!

These photos and brochures are available for personal use and we recommend that you take some time to dig in.

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