How Much Does a Ford Canada Extended Warranty Cost?

Once a new or certified pre-owned Ford has reached the end of its new vehicle warranty, you have the option of purchasing additional coverage. So, how much does a Ford Extended Warranty cost in the Moose Jaw area? It will depend on the type of plan you select, as well as some additional factors regarding your specific vehicle. Learn more about the Ford Canada Extended Warranty cost structure in this guide from the finance team at Capital Ford Lincoln in Regina.

Ford Canada Extended Warranty Pricing

All of the available Ford Canada Extended Warranty plans are customized to meet your specific needs and desires. Since there is no set price for these plans, you will be required to provide the following information to get a quote:

Ford Technician Doing Maintenance on Car
  • Whether the vehicle been purchased or is being leased 
  • Where you live in the Weyburn area
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Odometer reading
  • Average miles driven each year
  • How long you plan to have the vehicle
  • Whether the vehicle has a snow plow or is used commercially

Ford Canada Extended Warranty Options

Once you provide us with the above information, our finance specialists will recommend the appropriate extended warranty coverage for your unique situation, along with associated pricing. Note that the more coverage you opt for, the higher the cost of the plan will be. Ford Canada Extended Warranty plan options include:

  • Ford PowertrainCARE ESP, covering 29 components
  • Ford BaseCARE ESP, covering 84 components
  • Ford ExtraCARE ESP, covering 113 components
  • Ford PremiumCARE ESP, covering more than 1,000 components
  • Ford Canada Maintenance Protection Plan, covering all required scheduled maintenance, as outlined in your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual, up to the maximum visits specified in your plan. Also covers routine inspections, preventative care, and the replacement of normal wear-and-tear items.
Ford Extended Warranty Being Explained to Consumer