Winter Tires: What, When, Why

October 5th, 2017 by

Winter is coming! That means it’s time to put winter tires on your vehicle!

Why Winter Tires?

Why are winter tires important? Well, they get roughly 50% better grip in winter when compared to all-seasons. They made with soft rubber and feature more open, aggressive tread patterns that help dig into snow. But it’s not just about performance on snow and ice. When it gets cold, winter tires perform significantly better on dry pavement.

That’s because all-season tires (now called three-seasons) are made with naturally stiff rubber. In summer, that rubber expands, providing more contact with the road. But when it’s cold, that rubber contracts, and becomes even stiffer. When that happens, even if the pavement is dry, your tires behave like skis or hockey pucks, drastically reducing your stopping distance and increasing the risk of dangerous slippage.

What About All-Weather?

All-weather tires are distinct from all-seasons/three-seasons. They feature a combination of the tread patterns found on three-seasons and winter tires. And they’re built with a slightly softer rubber than all-seasons. Consequently, if you won’t buy a set of winter tires, you should definitely be driving all-weathers. However, given the length and severity of Saskatchewan’s winter driving season, winter tires are strongly recommended. Additionally, all-weather tires won’t last as long as all-seasons given their relative pliability during warm weather.


People also believe that they shouldn’t switch to winter tires before snow and ice hit the roadways. But that’s not true. The experts at the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (yeah, that exists) suggest that you should switch to winters when the temperature drops below 7 °C. At that point all-seasons become stiff and your stopping distance will increase. When we considering Saskatchewan’s average temperatures, you should switch to winter tires before the end of October.

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