Throwback Ford Advertisements

March 14th, 2019 by

Isn’t it fun to look back at old ads? Check out some of these advertisements from Ford Motor Company dating back to the 50s. Oh, how times have changed.


The 1950s

“There’s a Ford in your future with a future built in!”

The 1960s

“Nobody gives you the style and savings the way Edsel does.”


The 1970s

“Ford now sets you up for customizing with the only redesigned van in years.”


The 1980s

“Take a look at it. Sleek, stylish, aerodynamic. Get behind the wheel. Experience its impressive ride and handling.”


The 1990s

“Four-wheel drive excitement machines, ready to take you on a very special kind of adventure.”


The 2000s

“Ford Expedition will quickly transport you to inner peace.”


Today’s Advertisements

Video, video, video.

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