The Perfect Graduation Present- A New Car

May 24th, 2020 by


So you or your loved one is about to graduate, and what’s a better graduation present than a new car? Honestly, probably nothing. Pick your new vehicle with us, and we promise to make the process seamless, from start to finish. 


How Simple

Graduating is a really exciting and special time in one’s life. Whether you or your loved one is graduating from high school or from university, it’s a new chapter that often includes new milestones. With new milestones comes a great opportunity to treat yourself or your loved one to a new car for the new chapter ahead. Thankfully, our new “explore your payments” button makes buying that grad present easy and effortless, not to mention affordable. First, check out and browse our endless inventory of new vehicles. Take your time, considering everything that you or your loved one may need or want in this new vehicle. Parouse the website and when you land on something that you really like, click the “explore your payments” button. 

Create Your Deal

You can customize your deal to fit your exacting needs. The best part about this is that once you’ve clicked the button you can input the information and customize your payment plan in real-time, allowing you to compare cash, lease, or finance pricing. You can tailor-make your plan and see what your monthly payments would be. 


Trade-In? No Problem

The cool thing about this feature is that it actually gives you the option to value your current vehicle, trade it in and add it to the transaction seamlessly as you go along. Thus, taking away the worry of trying to sell your old vehicle in time for your new one. Once you’ve valued your trade-in and added it to the transaction you have the option to fill out your information and get pre-approved in less than 10 minutes! All that’s left to do is print out your deal and come down to the dealership or schedule an appointment. Pick a day that works best for you or the graduate and take a test drive, getting a feel for the vehicle, allowing you to decide if it’s the right one. If you’re stuck on which vehicle may best for a new grad, we have the perfect pick.  


2019 EcoSport

The 2019 EcoSport is a great option for new grads. This vehicle is definitely suitable for a new young professional and its clean lines are perfect for the urban commuter heading to their new job. It comes in 4 different models: the S, SE, SES, and Titanium. We think the SE is a great pick for the new grad. This compact SUV seats 5 and has plenty of cargo room for all the travelling or commuting you’re planning to do. This model comes with a power moonroof and heated front seats, ensuring that your next drive and all other afterwards are sunny, warm, and enjoyable. Bonus, pop on your favourite podcast to maximize commuting enjoyment. In the SE model, you’ll find a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 1.0L EcoBoost engine with automatic start-stop technology. With 10 different exterior colours, pick the one that suits you best. Be sure to take a peek at the colour “moondust silver”, it’s shiny and bright, just like your future! 



Now that you know how easy this process is, you’re ready to get moving and check out our website to pick the vehicle that’s right for you, because let’s be honest- you deserve it! If you’re unsure if the EcoSport is right for you, no worries, we have a bunch of other great options- perhaps a new Mustang or F-150? Either way, we know you’ll make the right choice. And hey, congratulations! 


For any more questions about which Ford is right for you, visit Capital Ford Regina at 1201 Pasqua Street North or call us at 1-877-419-9009.

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