The 2022 Ford E-Transit Is All Electric

November 25th, 2020 by

Ford just revealed the iconic new 2022 E-Transit! The best selling van in Canada has officially gone electric! Join us for an all-electric ride as we explore just what makes this innovative van lead the charge. 


Zero Gas

So we bet you’re wondering just how far this electric van goes? Designed with the needs of real-world businesses in mind, the E-Transit gets up to 203 kilometres! This is more than enough kms for you to go about your daily commute and then some! AKA choosing the more environmentally friendly option won’t compromise any of the important work that you need to get done! 


If the environmentally friendly piece hasn’t already sold you, the lower costs of operating definitely will! When you choose to own an electric vehicle rather than a gas-powered vehicle, there are certain maintenance expenses that quite honestly just don’t exist. Oil changes? Never heard of them. 


Charge and Go 

We know that running your business often means that you’re constantly well, running. With access to the largest public charging network in North America, finding a spot to charge up won’t be difficult! With three different options available, you have the opportunity to stop and charge up wherever is most convenient on any given day! 


Public Charging 

Receive two free years of access to pay-as-you-drive charging stations. Long haul drives, deliveries, and servicing are made possible with numerous locations available in the city, province, and across the country. Charge Hub is a great tool that easily allows you to find charging stations near you and plan your driving routes accordingly. 


Home Charging

How does driving home after work, parking, and plugging in your Ford sound? With at-home charging, we make powering up quick and convenient. Use a standard home outlet or opt for the available Ford Connected Charge Station. With the ability to track and calculate charging expenses incurred at home, it’s a great tool to equip your employees with. 


Depot Charging

Before you leave work for the day, don’t forget to plug your E-Transit into your workplace’s Ford Connected Charge Station! The powerful 240V/48-amp hard-wired charger will get you an additional 48km per charging hour! AKA: having this station is a bit of a no brainer. 



You’ll find an element of technology in just about every inch of this van! 


Ford Telematics

This software is a perfect match for those who geek out with technology! But don’t worry, it’s still very user friendly for those who aren’t the most tech-savvy! Telematics delivers analytics and solutions with the simple touch of a button! Receive alerts, service reminders, and easily manage your fleet with notifications! If any issues arise, you’ll be the first to know! Download the Ford Telematics Drive App to use wherever and whenever! 


Ford Data Services

The Transportation Mobility Cloud Key includes features such as constant updates, vehicle signals, and security management! 


These are just a couple of the impressive tech features embedded in the E-Transit! SYNC 4, in-vehicle apps, and over-the-air updates are some of the other impressive features! 


Go Gasless

With fully customizable options including 3 different roof heights and body lengths as well as an available chassis cab and cutaway models, the choice is all yours!

The team at Capital Ford Lincoln wants to help get you set up with a commercial vehicle that aligns with your company’s goals and values. Call or book your appointment to get started on your electric journey today! 

Visit Capital Ford Lincoln at 1201 Pasqua Street North Regina, SK. 

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