Speed Therapy Offered To Teachers From Ford Motor Co.

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Ah, June. The month that all the kids look forward to. The school year is ending and summer is just beginning. To thank teachers of Detroit schools, Ford Motor Co showed their appreciation with some speed therapy. What is that, you might ask? Is it available in Canada? Read on to find out more!

Teachers Go Through A LOT

And we mean A LOT. Many teachers spend more than just 8 hours doing their jobs. Think about all the prep work and all the planning that goes into your child’s education. They’re often staying late to finish marking assignments, or even taking the extra time to decorate the classroom for every season (sometimes out of their own budget)! In fact, it’s said that teachers can work 400 overtime hours in a single school year. 

“You teach from the heart. You teach from the passion of the heart. And when you can relate to students and get them to believe in themselves, that’s teaching to me,” said Lisa Phillips, Principal of Class Technical High School. 

It takes a special kind of person to handle 30 (or more) children in a classroom for 8 hours so when summer rolls around, you can bet the teachers are ecstatic about their well-deserved time off.  

Ford Motor Co (USA) Shows Their Appreciation 

Instead of winding down and taking some time to relax, Ford Motor Co of Detroit, MI had something else in mind for teachers. 

They showed their appreciation to a few teachers in the city by offering “Speed Therapy Sessions.” They provided some yummy donuts and stunt driver, Crystal Hooks, took them for some laps on a closed course. Needless to say, their reactions were priceless. Check out the full video here.

Then it was the teachers’ turn! With some guidance from Crystal Hooks, she guided them through some donuts on the course.

How Can You Give Back?

“You don’t take this job for money,” said Phillips. “You take this job because our kids need us.” 

What are some ways that YOU have given back to your teachers to show your appreciation? 

If you have a great teacher and haven’t told them how much you value them, take a look at these 14+ ways you can show your appreciation.

Teacher Discounts

Are YOU a teacher? It doesn’t appear that Ford Canada has offered this Speed Therapy program in Canada, yet, BUT we do have some good news for you. If you’re looking for a new vehicle, we can offer special discounts, depending on our current promotions. Call us today for more info. 

Looking for more teacher discounts in your city? Check out this helpful blog from Deal Hack.


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