Next-Generation Ford Focus and Focus Active

May 3rd, 2018 by

The lovable Ford Focus has grown a little long in the tooth. The current generation of Ford’s compact car debuted in 2011. Since then, Ford has updated it several times and added performance ST and RS models. They even offered a pretty competent electric version. But time comes for us all, and the current Focus can’t quite keep up with the newer Civic and Mazda 3. That’s why Ford is launching the next-generation Focus. Surprise: it looks great and comes in exciting new flavours like the Focus Active. Surprise: you can’t have one until late 2019.

Design Focus

Overall, the Focus has radically matured. Ford elongated the hood, make it appear sleeker and more athletic. Now, the headlights feature an L-shaped LED strip. The aggressive design is much more appealing than the outgoing beams. Additionally, the rear hatch features the “FOCUS” name spaced out in chrome. The look is reminiscent of the “TESLA” lettering which is not an unflattering resemblance. But not everything is new. Largely unchanged is the Aston Martin-esque grille, although it does have a new mesh pattern instead of thin slats.

You’ll notice from the pictures that Ford has a few different Focus models on display. Of course, there are the standard hatchback and sedan models. These models, as well as the ST, are guaranteed to arrive in North America in the second half of 2019. Consumers expect these versions, and they’re important to Ford’s (shrinking) car portfolio. But they aren’t the only models Ford is showing off.

Focus Active

The Focus Active

Focus Active

There’s also a unique hatchback with black plastic cladding and a suspension lift. This looks like a competitor to the Crosstrek, Subaru’s oddball CUV. With the Canadian consumer’s aversion to traditional cars, this could be a hit. But there’s no guarantee Ford brings it overseas. The other Focus model on display is a handsome station wagon. It’s well proportioned and would offer great practicality, but it will never come to North America. Consumers simply hate station wagons. No, I don’t wanna talk about it.

Modern Tech

Of course, the next-generation Focus will also come with Ford suite of active safety tech, Co-Pilot 360 (no-handsies, windmill slam). Co-Pilot includes pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot detection, lane-keeping system, and more. It also boasts smart features we’d more typically categorise as “convenience” like rain-sensing wiper blades, automatic high beams, and voice-activated navigation. Oh, and these features are all standard equipment, as they will be across the entire Ford lineup starting with the 2019 Fusion.

Ford will also offer tons of remarkable available features like an industry-first Adaptive Front Lighting System. Like other systems, it monitors curves in the roads and aims headlamps where you’re going. What makes the system unique is its ability to target road signs and isolate them to improve visibility. Additionally, the new Focus’ Adaptive Cruise Control system has the ability to read speed signs and keep you in the center of your lane.

Focus RS

Absent from Ford’s presentation was news about the next generation Focus RS. The hot hatch combines the base model’s fun sensibility and compact frame with power you’d only expect to find in the Mustang GT. But don’t worry, it’s apparently in the works. Rumours have even suggested the next-generation RS will boast exciting new tech like a “mild hybrid” setup. The engine’s power would be supplemented with a battery to boost horsepower and torque more efficiently. Of course, we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Ford to know for sure.

The next-generation Ford Focus will begin selling in Europe and China later this year. It will be available in North America in the second half of 2019. No word yet on whether we’ll see the Focus Active and Wagon variants.