Escape for the Summer: The New Ford Escape

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The New Ford Escape

The summer isn’t gone yet. Sure, the long nights are retreating faster than Polydamas after the death of Patroclus (Illiad joke!), but there’s still time to Escape for the summer in the new Ford Escape.

The New Ford Escape

The new Ford Escape has a more athletic stance than previous generations. Its chrome beltline and smart, two-bar grille reveal an adventurous spirit. Inside, there’s tons of room for passengers and cargo (folding second-row seats open up even more). And Ford is offering some exciting available technology. With Reverse Sensing System, Blind Spot Information System, Rear Camera, and Enhanced Active Park Assist, you can eliminate most of the dangers and stresses of driving. After all, the Escape couldn’t be the ultimate summer SUV if it didn’t help you relax.

The Ultimate Summer SUV

No road trip is truly a road trip unless it’s complemented by the perfect soundtrack. No, I’m not talking about those small-town AM stations that discuss local birds no one’s seen since the fifties (shoutout to the Eskimo Curlew).

And whether your playlist is dominated by Neil Young, ABBA, or some middle-class white guys with cowboy hats and names like Bertson Brentford, your music will sound clear, sharp, and wonderfully loud with the new Ford Escape’s 10-Speaker Sony Audio System. That concert listening experience is only enhanced by the inclusion of Acoustic Laminated Glass. It shuts out all of the road noise, even Saskatchewan’s grittiest gravel. That means you only hear your music.


Plus you can control all of your music with the hands-free convenience of SYNC 3. It seamlessly connects with your smartphone allowing you to select media with voice commands. With SYNC 3 you can also take phone calls and send messages. That way you never have to take your eyes off the pristine majesty of indistinguishable wheat fields flanking every single metre of highway in the province. Oh, and of course, SYNC 3 allows for voice-activated navigation. Just tap the voice command button on the steering wheel and say “find [address, city, nearby restaurant, et c…]. But where will you go?

Destination Escape

Ignoring the previous wheat jibe, there are a ton of great summer destinations in Saskatchewan. And the Escape is flexible and powerful enough to take you to any of them.

The Great Sand Hills Ecological Reserve

Yes, Saskatchewan has sand hills. Yes, you can sandboard on them. But how do you get there? The Great Sand Hills Ecological Reserve is located 27 KM south of Sceptre in the province’s southwest. The Sand Hills are always shifting and represent one the province’s largest active sand dunes. You can birdwatch, hike, zipline, or just enjoy the sights. And, at this time of year, the sand can get pretty hot. So, you’ll probably want the Ford Escape’s Dual-Zone Climate Control.

Massold Clay Canyons

Let me get geological for a second. The Massold Clay Canyons give a unique window into our province’s history. Following the retreat of tropical seas during the Paleozoic era, we were left with shale, limestone, and the canyon’s eponymous clay. As you check out the Whitemud Formation, you can see the different geological eras stratified into shallow bands of rock. Science is fun!

Located an hour southwest of Regina, the Clay Canyons are a great spot for hikes and photographs. And the terrain is no challenge with the Escape’s Intelligent 4WD. It monitors the road every 16 milliseconds and directs torque to the appropriate wheels to maintain ideal traction. Whether it’s dirt, sand, clay, or mud, your Escape will maintain the appropriate grip.

Northern Lights at Lake Athabasca

The Northern Lights are the most Canadian magnetospheric phenomenon (it’s not a crowded list). Once in a while, you can catch the Northern Lights in the south of the province. But if you want to see them at their best, you gotta go… north. I recommend heading up to the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park. During glacial recession 8,000 years ago, sand, silt, and sediment (the three Ss of boredom) were washed into Lake Athabasca. Enjoy fishing, hiking, and the sprawling sandy shores. The park is completely unspoiled by human activity. But that means it’s a bit tough to get to.

Athabasca Sand Dunes is located in the province’s absolute northeast corner. It’s a mere 1,250 kilometres up to Stony Rapids. Then, you take a quick jump in a float plane across Lake Athabasca. Although the trip is arduous, you can make it a little easier with the new Ford Escape’s Adaptive Cruise Control. When the traffic in front of you slows down, your Escape automatically slows down, too. And once that traffic clears, you’ll resume your preset speed. Then again, you could just drive up to Prince Albert and enjoy the Northern Lights in comfort through the Escape’s huge Panorama Vista Roof.

You can learn more about the new Ford Escape by hitting the link below. And make sure to let us know where you’d make your Summer Escape in the comments.

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