Four Ford Features Every Owner Should Know About

February 27th, 2018 by

Ford Features

Ford Features

Ford vehicles are now more complicated than ever. Every model year, manufacturers install more cameras, sensors, and computers. So, it’s important that you pore over the owner’s manual in order to get the most out of your vehicle. Here are a few innovative Ford features that you may not even know about.

CCD with Pothole Mitigation

Saskatchewan’s roads are poor. If that allegation shocks you, you probably haven’t been outside in a while. The oscillation between extreme cold and moderate heat destroys the pavement and we get terrible potholes. Giant asphalt craters can spell trouble for your car – unless it’s equipped with Continuously Controlled Damping and Pothole Mitigation. The new technology senses potholes and adjusts the suspension so that your tire doesn’t fall into it. It’s simply one of the coolest Ford features. Watch CCD in action below.

Obviously, CCD with Pothole Mitigation can save you from a few flat tires or worse. The technology debuted on the 2017 Fusion Sport.

Intelligent 4WD/AWD

In normal conditions, the system distributes all power to the front wheels to save fuel. On ice, snow, or wet pavement, the system can distribute torque specifically to individual wheels that have the most grip. That’s the “intelligent” part. Intelligent 4WD systems measure hundreds of data points per second to ensure that you don’t experience too much wheel spin. Some Ford vehicles will even show you on your dashboard where torque is being applied and when. Intelligent 4WD/AWD is available on most new Ford vehicles except for the Fiesta, Focus*, and Mustang.

Enhanced Active Park Assist with Side Sensing

How do you use it? Just hit the Park Assist button right next to the shift knob, signal which direction you want to park (it will default to the passenger side), and the system will begin scanning for a suitable parking spot. When it finds the right spot, the system will provide instructions. You’re in charge of shifting as well as applying the brakes and accelerator, but the Park Assist system does all the steering. And, unlike your dad, Enhanced Active Park Assist won’t yell at you or demonstrate disappointment.

A little help getting into a tight parallel parking spot is especially useful when driving larger vehicles. So, Enhanced Active Park Assist is a worthy addition to new Ford vehicles like the F-150 and Explorer.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go

Adaptive Cruise Control is one of the new Ford features reinventing the way we drive on the highway. And Ford’s just made it even better. The system allows you to set a cruising speed on the highway. Then, if it encounters traffic, it will slow down to remain a preset distance behind. You can even set it to “Tailgate Mode” to terrify that family of four in the Honda CRV who put stick family decals on the rear window.

Now, with Stop-and-Go, your Ford can come to a complete stop if you encounter a train, construction, or other delay. Once the traffic clears, the system resumes and you return to your original cruising speed. Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go is available on the award-winning 2018 F-150, 2019 Edge, and 2018 Fusion.

* The Focus RS features Performance All-Wheel Drive.

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