The Greenest Truck

May 4th, 2017 by

The Ford F-150 is the greenest truck on the AAA Green Car Guide.
The Ford F-150 with EcoBoost is the AAA Car Guide's greenest truck.

With a new military-grade aluminum body, Ford have been able to shave off significant weight from their best-selling pickup. The awarded model was the F-150 XLT SuperCrew 4X2. Ford paired this configuration with the 2.7-litre EcoBoost® V6 with Auto Start-Stop. Auto Start-Stop pauses the engine while the car comes to a complete stop and brings it back to life when you press the accelerator, erasing the detriments of idling. Also boasts the first 10-speed automatic transmission on a production truck, further increasing efficiency. The XLT package also brings 17” aluminum wheels.

All of these features amount to best-in-class fuel economy. Impressively, the 2017 F-150 gets 12.4 L/100km in the city, 9.8 on the highway, and 11.2 combined. Megan McKernan, manager of ACSC’s Automotive Research Centre, confirms as much: “AAA awarded the Ford F-150 XLT the 2017 pickup category winner in the AAA Green Car Guide for its best-in-class fuel economy, great visibility, spacious interior and exceptional handling.” But the F-150 isn’t the only venue for Ford’s green ambitions.

Greenest Truck

In 2017, Ethisphere named Ford to their list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. This was a result of efforts to improve their environmental standing in the industry. Ford’s Partnership for a Cleaner Environment ensures sustainable practices throughout the company’s expansive supply chain. Initiatives within the company, meanwhile, like aluminum recycling loops and recycled construction materials (like Jose Cuervo’s agave), have set the standard for responsible automaking.

Other materials used across the Ford vehicle lineup include kenaf, REPREVE, post-consumer cotton, EcoLon post-consumer nylon carpeting, recycled plastic bottles, recycled post-consumer tires, rice hulls, soy-based foams, wheat straw, and cellulose tree fibers. Those materials appear in everything from plastic storage bins, door bolsters, and carpeting. The latest green initiative?


“Bamboo is amazing,” said Janet Yin, a materials engineering supervisor at Ford’s Nanjing Research & Engineering Centre. “It’s strong, flexible, totally renewable, and plentiful in China and many other parts of Asia.” For several years, Ford has been combining bamboo with traditional plastics and testing it for their interiors. So far, Ford has proven bamboo is a durable alternative to other artificial and natural materials because of its flexibility, strength, and ability to reach maturity in only two to five years.

While Ford continues to experiment for the future, drivers can enjoy the present landscape of green driving. Obviously, the F-150 is very deserving of the AAA Green Pickup award. And, for environmentally conscious drivers who need the performance of a truck, there is no better choice.

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