Get Fall Road Trip Ready

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Well, it’s officially scarf, sweater, and pumpkin-spiced everything season! With the new seasons comes the inevitable…getting ready for winter. Today, we walk you through our best fall service specials to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the season ahead! 


Accessories Galore

Get ready to give your vehicle an upgrade with  15% OFF ALL Accessories. This insane deal allows you to choose from a plethora of options. 


Floor mats: Dirt dust and gunk from the fall weather gets carried inside your vehicle every time you drive! We have a number of floor mat options available to fit your specific vehicle! This will help ensure that your mats catch all the debris, leaving the material underneath in pristine condition. 


Grilles: spruce up the front of your vehicle with a new fitted grille. Grilles are typically the first thing that people see when they are looking at your vehicle. A new prominent and custom grille will make you stand out from the rest of the drivers on the road! Plus, it will earn you some major style points! 

Racks: Love to ride your bike and use your kayaks but sliding them in the backseat is no longer practical or efficient? Invest in a rack that is not only functional but also highly practical. These racks will save you tons of space if you love to travel and go on road trips! 


 Splash guards: Are your current splash guards looking a little worn out? Or maybe you’ve just invested in a new vehicle and would love to upgrade your splash guards so that fit better with the look that you’re going for with your vehicle. Splash guards will do just that…in addition to their functional use of protecting your vehicle from dirt, debris, and stones! Having good splash guards not only protects your vehicle but also those that are driving behind you! 


 Remote starters: Does the thought of enduring another winter without an automatic starter have you feeling downright COLD? Us too. It’s time to brave our cold Saskatchewan winters the best way we know, with an automatic starter that makes that early morning commute just slightly more tolerable! Get yours installed before the temperatures continue to drop…..because trust us, it’s coming! 


and so much more! Once you’ve chosen your accessories, we can install them for you. Don’t hesitate to call or come in to see our full list of product accessories! 




Tire Time 

Fall road trip driving conditions can be windy, slippery, and just downright unpredictable! As winter begins to approach, it’s a good idea to swap out your summer tires for your winter tires. For a limited time, pay *$49.95 for on rim and *$99.95 for off rim tire swaps. This includes balancing, rotation, and brake inspection! Our team of trained service technicians will get you on the road safely! 


Have you been driving with all-season tires for a number of years and realized that it may be time to invest in winter and summer tires? We can help with that! For a limited time, we’re offering Staff Pricing on Tires! Choose from our selection of tires including ALL major brands such as Good Year, Michelin, and more! This is the perfect time to think about getting a set for both seasons! 


Now you’ve got your two sets of tires but have no place to store them? We can help with that! Store your second set of tires with us for an additional $89.95 per season! This is the perfect way to keep your garage clutter-free this fall! 


Doctors Orders

Bring your vehicle in for a Service Health Check for only $49.95!

Our trained technicians will assess fluid levels, lights, tires, and more – ensuring that you are aware of any additional maintenance that may need to be performed for optimal driving! It’s always smart to come in for service before you gear up to take a road trip! If our techs identify any issues, you’ll be the first to know! At which point they’ll make recommendations for you to get your vehicle serviced and ready for the trip that’s ahead! 





To find out more about which service may be right for you,  visit Capital Ford Lincoln at 1201 Pasqua Street North Regina, SK. 

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