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No, You Can’t Test Drive It

Bill Ford is already driving one of the 250 Ford GTs produced at the Multimatic factory in Markham, Ontario in 2016.

The GT holds a special place in the hearts of Ford aficionados despite only appearing once before. Even then, it came in limited supply. The spiritual successor to Ford’s GT40 race cars produced in the 1960s, the GT emerged in 2005 in a run of only 4,038. Ford timed that production run to celebrate their 100th anniversary. So, the supercar’s reintroduction is a bit of a surprise. For those with enough luck and cash ($450,000 USD to be painfully exact) to secure one for themselves, they’re unlikely to be disappointed with its performance.

At the historic Le Mans endurance race in 2016, GTs earned the first and third places in the GTE Pro Class. Those finishes come thanks to a twin-turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost V6 with more than 600 horsepower: the most powerful EcoBoost production engine ever built. You’ll also find pushrod suspension, active aerodynamics, and an air-brake capable rear spoiler all follow from the GT’s racing pedigree. Finally, dihedral doors (upward-opening) ensure the GT looks as cool as it sounds. Clearly, the GT will offer an unmatched driving experience. But most of us will never get the chance to test that kind of elite racing performance. Unless, of course, you made the list of lucky buyers along with Bill Ford.

Speaking of the list…

Ford used an extensive application process for the new GT’s release, part of which required applicants to submit a personal video explaining why they deserve to get their hands on the supercar. Ford’s executive vice-president of product development, Raj Nair, recently spoke to the Globe and Mail. He explained that the process was designed to keep the GT from being “restricted to ultra-wealthy collectors that were going to […] put it away and wrap it and make sure it would stay at 3.5 miles on the odometer.” Although, who really cares about the reasoning?

Capital Ford Lincoln is just proud to be one of the buyers. Showcasing the most powerful (and exclusive) vehicle in Ford’s arsenal is a great opportunity for the dealership (and local Ford fans). Naturally, we’ll be happy to let you check out the brand new GT yourself when it arrives later this year.
As a bonus, check out the ridiculous ordering kit buyers will be using to customize their GTs.











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