Ford Driver Assist is Going to Change Your Life

January 24th, 2020 by

Ford Driver-Assist Technologies provides you and your passengers with the capability of safety, comfort, and peace of mind.  Make your next commute and all those afterward seamless with these 7 impressive features. 


BLIS® With Cross-Traffic Alert

It’s inevitable that you’re going to have some blind spots in any vehicle that you drive. With BLIS you are able to be notified of your blind spots while backing up and driving. Making pulling out of that tough parking lot spot or busy lane change a breeze. BLIS gives you peace of mind, ensuring that while you’re on the road you’re not putting yourself or anyone else in danger. 


Lane Keeping Assist

We’ve all heard of rumble strips. They’re loud and quite frankly startling. Rumble strips ensure you’re not getting distracted or dosing off and veering off the highway. Well, Lane Keeping Assist is kind of similar, in the sense that they’re useful, however, not startling at all for the driver. This technology is able to alert you with vibrations in the steering wheel, chimes, and visual warnings when your vehicle starts to drift out of the lane. 


Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control has been around forever. It’s convenient and ideal for highway and ring road driving. Experience peak driving with adaptive cruise control equipped with stop-and-go technology which can keep your pace by reducing your speed if traffic slows or stops, then seamlessly adjusting back to the speed you initially set when traffic begins to move again. When your hands are on the wheel you can also use lane-centering technologies. 


Evasive Steering Assist

Driving can be unpredictable and downright scary at times. You never know what the people beside, behind, or in front of you are going to do. Winter weather results in a lot of sudden and unforeseeable braking, sometimes resulting in fender benders. With Evasive Steering Assist, you can potentially avoid those collisions altogether. This technology provides you with extra support to help you navigate around a vehicle that has abruptly braked or stopped altogether. 


Enhanced Active Park

The worst and most difficult part of taking your driver’s test was always the parallel park. It garnered a bit of anxiety as the marker sat beside you, grading every movement. Beyond the driver’s test, parallel parking can continue to be a struggle throughout life. With Enhanced Active Park Assist, you’ll be worry-free on your next parallel park. Simply shift, accelerate, and brake while it steers you into and out of your selected spot. 


 Hill Descent Control 

Hill Descent Control will come in handy driving down the large descent that is the Lumsden hill. All jokes aside, this technology can help you maintain a set speed while driving down an incline as it automatically applies the brakes as needed. There aren’t a lot of tough hills to navigate in our flat province, but if you’re heading west for a road trip you may encounter some more tough terrain where this technology would prove to be very helpful. 


Curve Control

Never again approach a curve that’s too winding with curve control. It will detect your speed as you enter a curve and alter your speed, kicking in the brakes and slowing you down to an appropriate speed.


Driver Assist Packages

If you’re interested in any or all of these features being integrated into your next Ford purchase a number of preset packages are available to upgrade to: 

  • Co-Pilot 360
  • Safe and Smart


The Epitome of Safety

The Ford Driver Assist Package is pretty awesome and can help you take your driving to the next level. And hey, nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re going to get from point A to B as safely as possible.

We want to hear from you! Which of the cool features about the Ford Driver Assist would you make the best use of and why?

To find out more about Ford Driver Assist™ packages and vehicle integration visit Capital Ford Regina located at 1201 Pasqua Street North. 

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