Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 10th, 2021 by

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Haven’t picked up Dad’s gift yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got tons of great suggestions for the Dads who love all things cars! 


Services Galore

Dad may be a handy guy, but that doesn’t mean that he should ALWAYS have to be the one doing the service and repair jobs! Luckily, our service department has a few great specials going on! AKA, your Dad will be ready to roll into summer with his vehicle in tip-top shape! 


Our current specials are:

  • $10 off Air Conditioning Performance Test.  Regular Price: $89.95. Our technicians will check for leaks and recharging systems. Snag one of these and ensure that there’s nothing but cold air pumping through those ducts on hot summer days!


  • $25 off Computerized Four-Wheel Alignment. Potholes in Regina have truly become the norm. No wonder there’s construction after every turn all summer! Hitting pesky and unsuspecting potholes can throw off a vehicle’s alignment and take a toll on its suspension. A four-wheel alignment can increase gas mileage, restore a vehicle’s suspension and promote optimal driving.



Ford Accessories

Ford’s lineup of great accessories makes for the most practical gifts! We’ll recommend a few for all the different types of dads out there! 


The Dad Who Shovels

Is your Dad the one who gets stuck shovelling all winter, only to get into his FREEZING cold vehicle and have to wait 10 minutes for it to warm up before he can be on his way? Well, a remote start system may be just what he needs! Create a warm and comforting environment as soon as he steps into the vehicle. 


The Active Dad

Maybe your dad is hardcore into road biking or loves to take his kayak out to the lake every summer! An upgraded Yakima rack or carrier is going to be the perfect present! Ensure his precious good are safe and secure atop his vehicle with their impressive lineup of products. 


The Camping Dad

Is your Dad a big camping guy? The tenting, hiking, making fires type? A mounted tent by TEPUI might be right up his alley! These functional and sturdy tents sit mounted above your vehicle so dad can catch the perfect sunrise and sunset. Talk about a vantage point! 


The Trades Dad

Does your dad work in the trades or is he always hauling materials and other items? A truck bed product may just be the perfect gift for him! From hard and soft covers to bed hooks and extenders, Ford has got it all. Based on his model, the team can custom order the perfect product. 


Let Him Decide

Get Dad something that checks all the boxes: a gift card! Through Capital Ford Lincoln and any store, you can purchase an e-gift card for dad and ensure that he gets exactly what he wants this year! The versatility of this gift allows your Dad to put it towards service, Ford Accessories, or even a new vehicle! 

Write him a personalized message and send it off to be delivered straight to his email! Purchase your e-gift card here: https://www.anycard.ca/store/capitalauto


The Day Awaits

Regardless of what you decide to pick up for Dad this year, he’s sure to love it! 

From vehicles to service and accessories, Capital Ford Lincoln has got it all!  Call or book your appointment to learn more! Visit Capital Ford Lincoln at 1201 Pasqua Street North Regina, SK.