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A Deep Dive into Ford's Sustainability Initiatives: Building a Greener Future

CFR - Ford Sustainability.png

In recent years, sustainability has become an increasingly important focus for businesses worldwide. The automotive industry, in particular, has been actively pursuing greener alternatives to reduce its environmental impact. Among the leading automakers, Ford Motor Company has emerged as a trailblazer in sustainability initiatives. Let's take a deep dive into Ford's commitment to building a greener future through its innovative sustainability practices. 

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Testing Real Winter Conditions in the F-150 Lightning

Testing Real Winter conditions - Sept 2022.png

One of the top things people ask about when confronted with the potential of an electric vehicle is, “Can it handle a Saskatchewan winter?”


Fair question. Winters around here are… rough. Long bursts of frigid temperatures, and tons and tons of snow; we need vehicles that can handle the worst weather Mother Nature has to offer. Luckily, Ford gets it.

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