2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

September 9th, 2021 by

The 2022 Ford 1-50 Lighting has gone all-electric. Say hello to the new era of power, capability and design…electrified. 


100% EV

 The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is the future of electric trucks. Canada’s best-selling line of pickup trucks has been entirely elevated as Ford introduced its first-ever all-electric pickup truck. With zero emissions and plenty of power, this EV was built to perform. Discover the unmatched level of capability and design as we delve into all that this reimagined powerhouse has to offer. 


Charge N’ Go

So how much power does it really have? The Lighting is equipped with an advanced lithium-ion battery that can charge from 15-100% in 8 hours. This impressive charge is made possible with the 80-amp Ford charge station pro. The extended-range battery will get you an estimated range of 480km. With the standard range battery, you’ll be looking at an estimated range of 370km. While you’re on the road, access the Ford charging network to locate the nearest charging station to you, ensuring that you never run out of juice. Who needs fuel anyways? 


Front Truck

Pop the hood and what you’ll find may surprise you! Increase your storage space and maximize your power with the front truck. Store tools and equipment here, plus with the help of four Pro Power Onboard 120 volt outlets you can run all your tools and power up whatever you need at a moment’s notice. 


Backup Power

Power outage? Lights out? That’s no problem for the Ford Intelligent Backup Power. This innovative technology allows you to connect to your home and power it just the same way as a generator. Keep your home fully powered for 3 days with it rationed your power and keep the lights on for up to 10 days! 


Tech Titan

The Lighting embodies technology at every turn. The portrait 15.5” touchscreen is the motherboard that’ll keep you connected. Access your apps and all of your vehicle’s most important controls and settings with the touch of a button. From the main control panel, you’ll also receive the latest software updates, allowing you to quickly integrate the newest features. 


Fierce Power

Following the impressive reveal of the Mustang Mach-E, it’s no surprise that Ford has yet again managed seamlessly execute its first-ever all-electric pickup truck with the utmost elegance. Their commitment to innovation and the environment is paving the way for a future that acknowledges the importance of reducing our carbon footprint in society.


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