100 Years of Ford Trucks

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100 years of Ford trucks

100 Years of Ford Trucks

For 100 years, drivers have enjoyed rugged and innovative Ford Trucks. And their drivers have been using them to build, farm, and haul all across North America.

The Model TT

Everything started for Ford in 1917 with the Model TT. It had the same cab and engine as the Model T, which had been introduced nine years earlier. But the Model TT added an sturdier frame that could handle a one-ton payload. It delivered more functionality than the Model T and was a flexible complement to the machines that had already permeated agricultural work.

And clearly, the TT was a tremendous success. By 1928, Ford had sold 1.3 million Model TTs. Most of those sales came from urban areas where Ford trucks were advertised aggressively.

The Model AA

In 1926, Ford replaced the TT with the AA which increased the power from 20 to 40 horsepower. New technology included an electric starter, supplanting the hand crank. The AA also brought  a level of class and polish that was absent from its predecessor. Bob Kreipke, Ford historian says, “Model AA trucks in particular had a certain class to them,” he said. “Customers could use them on the farm, yet still take them to church on Sunday.”

Work and Play

By 1941, Ford had sold 4 million trucks. That was attributable, in large part, to finding that balance of work and play. It allowed the truck to enter the city seamlessly. “After the war, a lot of rural Americans moved to urban and suburban centers looking for work, and many took their Ford pickups with them,” said Kreipke. “Ford saw this as an opportunity, and began work on the next generation of trucks for 1948, what came to be known as F-Series Bonus Built trucks.” The F-Series was an immediate success and became an essential part of Ford’s lineup.


In 1975, Ford updated the F-Series, replacing the popular F-100 with the F-150. The new Ford trucks brought greater capacity and its introduction has been nothing short of an incredible success. Two years later, Ford had jumped ahead of General Motors in sales. At the same time, they introduced the Built Ford Tough slogan. Since then, the F-150 has long been Canada’s number one truck and number one vehicle overall.

The 2018 F-150

Later this year, Ford will continue to cement its legacy as the world’s greatest truck manufacturer. The 2018 Ford F-150 will combine military-grade aluminum body with a high-strength steel frame. Ford is introducing a revamped roster of engines. It will include including 3.0L Power Stroke turbo diesel, and some retooled V6s and V8s. Those engines will be paired with the new ten-speed automatic transmission. Shorter spaces between gears result in more efficient acceleration and fuel usage. The F-150 is also expected to deliver the greatest towing capacity of an F-150 ever.

Along with power and capability, technology will be on full display. The new Ford trucks will introduce a number of safety and entertainment options like pedestrian detection, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, and WiFi hotspot.

Additional technology includes:

  • Blind Spot Information System
  • SYNC 3 With Ford Pass
  • 360-Degree Camera
  • Lane-Keeping System

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