2016 Lincoln MKZ

May 13th, 2016 by

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This Week I picked a 2016 Lincoln MKZ…

Alyssa Podevin, “Capital Pick of the Week” – 2016 Lincoln MXZ

The 2016 Lincoln MKZ is sporty modern and elegant. With its signature winged grill. and aluminium trim, it has a unique look, that keeps in form with its luxurious styling. Top features on the Lincoln MKZ include heated front and back seats, heated steering wheel, THX 11 branded audio system , bluetooth, WiFi hotspot and more! Some of the other features you will find in the MKZ include multi zone AC, backup camera, key-less and remote start. You will also love the panoramic sun roof, that opens up 15 sq feet to the open sky.

The Lincoln Brand is evolving in a big way.  This is no longer your fathers Lincoln!


  ­Alyssa Podevin, Inbound Marketing Specialist

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